Jareth van Bone

Not just a developer...


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About Me

I'm a software developer with degrees in software engineering and graphic design. I have spent the majority of my career developing in Actionscript, and more recently JavaScript. I am also comfortable stepping outside the developer role and at various times I have performed:

  • project management
  • creative direction
  • technical consulting
  • design
  • animation
  • systems administration
  • experience design
  • client management
  • team lead

I'm never afraid to get my hands dirty or try something I've never done before.

I would describe myself as creatively logical. I love trying to find the best way to approach a problem or optimise a process, but I know that doesn’t mean everything has to be done the same boring way. Most people would describe me as helpful - I’m always willing to do that little bit extra if it makes someone else's job easier.